Hello Tango Dancers,

I am delighted to be able to bring tanguero and musician, Bernard Selling to our dance community from Los Angeles, California. Bernard and I (Jenny Mulligan) met three summers ago at the tango festival here in Seattle. I settled into the arms of this older gentleman, not expecting much. Much to my surprise he turned out to be one of the smoothest and most musical dancers I had ever danced with, or ever have since then. He appeared to be dancing to an inner rhythm that I could hear but never expected to be able to dance to. That evening was one of the true joys of my life and inspired me to keep learning and exploring the world of tango.

A longtime musician (sax, clarinet, flute), Bernard has his own swing and salsa band in Los Angeles where he is also co-director of the Westside Tango Ensemble. You can hear his music on his website www.BernardSelling.com. His style is based on the dancing of Carlos Gavito, one of the greats from the golden days of Buenos Aires whom he
studied with in the 1990s. But his style is based more on musicality than anything else.

Workshop Schedule

Date: November 11th, Thursday

Place: Lakewood Elks, 6313 75th St SW Lakewood, WA

Admission: $25 for one workshop, $40 for both

7:00PM to 8:15PM Musicality 1 ---- Dancing the melodic line and rhythmic line of each song. Learn to dance to the melodic line and rhythmic line of every song you hear. Add wonderful musical touches and accents to the moves you already know to give more zest and sensuality to your dancing.

8:30PM to 9:45PM Musicality 2 (Musicality 1 is required)---Suspensions Explore the hidden world of suspensions...steps (moves) that enable both dancers to suspend (in the air) and resolve to the melodic and rhythmic line of each song. Learn how the artistic principles of contrast and tension and release apply to tango dancing.

* Bernard will be available for private lessons during his stay. (Nov 11th through 15th), please contact Jenny at (253) 222-0105

Please join us for this wonderful opportunity to enhance your danceing.
Hope to see you there.

Jenny Mulligan