Writing Consultations

Bernard Selling and his associates offer individual consultations on manuscripts as well as feedback on individual stories, or mentoring for those looking to get started writing. A step-by-step interactive writing program is available. Go to "feedback pages" below to see the first steps in the writing proces

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Corporate Legacies

You've made your mark as a corporate leader with powerful influence. How are you going to ensure your accomplishment will be valued and remembered. Create a corporate legacy through a customized, powerful presentation.

As corporate America grapples with mergers, acquisitions, buyouts, and executive turnover, you as a CEO, company founder or powerful corporate leader face external challenges that require determination, wisdom and courage. You've made tough decisions under trying circumstances.

Your clients, employees and constituents have a desire to know how you've pulled through...

The corporate legacy as created by you and Selling and Associates will contain a series of powerful, intimate, highly readable stories of the problems you faced and overcame as well as the opportunities you seized during your turn at the helm. These stories using the unique 'Writing from Within' process will contain no advice or rules. Instead, they will capture your energy, enabling those who come after you to see the larger picture of your intentions and creativity, inspiring them to carry out what you have developed.


Writing from Within Workshops
Instructor Approval Required

Mr. Selling's approach to writing, creativity and self-awareness has had a powerful impact on thousands of people who wanted to write about their lives but were convinced they could not do so. By us back to our earliest childhood experiences and helping us see with the fresh and innocent eye of the child, Mr.Selling enables us to develop an acute awareness of who we were at significant moments in our lives. This process allows us to develop our own authentic writing style divorced from the sophisticated adult language many of us have used all our lives.

This method of combining vivid writing with honest self-examination is a powerful lure to the sub-conscious and is the basis for an exciting new mode of human growth exploration.

The method has been applied by writers of all ages and in many different professional circumstances including schools, senior citizen groups, counseling and therapy, social service and drug abuse programs.

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Writing from Within Ongoing Instruction
All Levels Welcome

Calabasas -- Tuesday nights 7:00-9:00pm $15/session
Woodland Hills -- Thursdays 1:00-3:00pm $15/session
Santa Monica -- Wednesdays 1:00-3:00pm $15/session


Hidden Treasures of Renaissance Milan
Tours & Lectures

Lectures on and possible tours of the castles of (and the basis of the new book about) Renaissance titan, Ludovico Sforza, Duke of Milan and patron of Leonardo da Vinci, are now being arranged.

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