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Convinced that the world can use a dose of grandfatherly wisdom, three bachelor buddies (50+ —think Tom Selleck, Joe Mantegna) embark on a quest—-men-toring the misguided, neglected youth of today. Lurking in the shadows of these good intentions is the long shot that one, or more, of them may end up with a thirty-three year old mom/girlfriend.

Complications set in when the intense, highly-competitive, young, divorced fathers, step-fathers and boyfriends of the kids (think Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, Vince Vaughn) set out to take back their territory—their kids—-and their moms. Competition is in the marrow of these men and they are determined to stamp it into the DNA of their kids.

These feisty, non-combative, older guys must find a way to end the adversary relationship with the fathers and boyfriends, then engage them in the natural process of fathering and grandfathering. Their solution is imaginative and comic.

For all who come to know these three, life and relationship—once taken for granted—acquire new meaning from the imposed energy of these aging teenagers.

This comedy/relationship film portrays the humor and zest for life of a new generation of men—fifty to sixty year olds who dance, play music, compete athletically and enjoy women with the exhuberance of much younger men while savoring friendships with the feeling and insight of those older and wiser. It’s a new day—and a new world.

This is a delightful, perceptive film for the whole family with heart-warming character portrayals in all three generations.