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What happens to someone’s life when they unwittingly venture into the world of Rosemary’s Baby and Invasion of the Body Snatchers?

Denise Matson is living a dream life. Gorgeous, alluring, talented, she’s a successful model and high fashion photographer, living a life that anyone would envy. Why then is she tortured by fitful nightmares of blood-curdling screams and savage rituals interspersed with the face of the long lost boy next door?

Unable to find peace and solace, she desperately seeks out the long lost Nick Brancusi. In him, she finds a painter of turbulent, emotions...and a rugged, compelling, visceral man of action. For him, ties that have long been forgotten remain unimportant distractions.

Why then, when she departs, is he haunted by some chemistry that seems foreign, almost preexisting? And what was the point in this somewhat demented girl reading his tarot cards before she left? Motorcycle accident? What a crock!

In the fast paced, have-it-all world that these two have predicted for themselves, why is there a haunting emptiness that hypnotically throws them into the worlds of a gypsy temptress, a Hollywood producer and the nether world of formless alien beings searching for the formula of what it is to be human.

Through the labyrinth of deception and abduction, they stumble upon the connection between the occult and the world beyond the stars.

Now, what will they do?

This low-budget film is sci-fi/horror at its scariest best. Intense characterizations, mixed with bizarre humor, surprise twists and turns of the plot and unusual (mininal budget) outer space fantasy images. One highly-placed industry professional termed it “a very original story with great visuals.”