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This teacher's manual demonstrate the ways in which the 'writing from within' process helps students write more effectively at each stage of their writing development in any classroom from 4th grade to adult. Model structures and writing sequences are included. Classroom teachers' stories are included as are a number of student stories.

Life Story Writing Workbooks

Beginning - Teaches left brain/right brain writing. personal writing from the right brain; persuasive writing from the left. Begins with simple Subject- Verb-Object sentences. Includes simples assignments directed toward increased awareness of relationships. Intended for use with grade school children and beginning ESL students.

Intermediate - Teaches the fundamentals of 'Writing from Within.' Includes assignments i creative wrting, journaling and essay writing. Intended junior and senior high school students. Great for at-risk student populations and adult schools students.

"As an elementary school counselor I found your method to be a powerful and creative tool in doing interventions with children in crisis; and in building self-understanding and self-worth. I also helped create wonderful bonds within some families with which I work."
-Lynn B. counselor, Bethel, Maine

"...the evaluations and feedback from the Adult Development Conference attendees were tops!...The definite highlight was participation in your Life Writing Seminars. What a marvelous workshop you offered."
-Maida Hastings, Phd, UCLA Extension

"Bernard Selling's writing program has proven to be highly effective with our 'at risk' population."
-Lupe Reyes, Head of Operations,
Los Angeles Unified School District, Adult Division

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